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means they are not very comfortable to sit in for any great length of time. In Drop spas, a person sits in a comfortable and ergonomic position. The seat has a slight upward slope, allowing users to sit comfortably,” Kiviranta explains. Another added benefit of the spas’ inside shape is that the volume of water in the spa decreases, while the amount of water used to fill the spa remains in the same range as in hot tubs with a much smaller inside diameter.

is designed and handmade in Finland. Following the same shape as the Drop spas, they make a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Kiviranta highlights their multifunctionality: “In addition to the bioethanol burner, you can use the Drop Fire with wood or coal. When you put the cover on, it serves as a table.” She concludes: “We want our customers to be able to enjoy high-quality


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Drop Design Pool Oy

Finnish design. Our spas are able to enhance any outside space and add a nice touch of comfort and pampering – as well as something that is very pleasing to the eye.”

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The Drop spa comes with an aluminium frame and plywood panelling, which makes it really easy to embed it in a terrace or add custom-made panelling. “The installation of our spas is very easy. Our electrically heated Drop spas are designed for year-round use and can be kept ready to use no matter the weather,” Kiviranta adds. Bringing Finnish design to the world As well as spas, Drop has launched a new range, called Drop Fire. The high-quality outdoor Fire with a bioethanol burner March 2022


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