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the southernmost point of Norway. “You can get close to nature by the sea, too, with beautiful trails around Lindesnes Lighthouse,” says marketing manager Elisabeth Høibo. Konuralp chimes in: “On a stormy day, when everything shivers and shakes, you can have a thrilling experience out there.” The Sørlandet’s coastal archipelago of shoals and small islands – what in Norwegian is known as ‘skjærgården’ and is often referred to as Norway’s riviera – is generally rife with activities such as paddling, surfing, nature observatories and schools, fishing, and refreshing walks along the sandy beaches. During the winter, you just need to put on a few more layers. In recent years, ice-bathing has also become more and more popular, and taking a dip by the white-painted wooden buildings of the villages all along the coast is like a dream.

Enjoy a Michelin-star dinner five and a half metres below the sea level in Under. Photo: BorderFreeTravels © Fredrik Bye

Under from above. Photo: BorderFreeTravels © Fredrik Bye

These villages also provide a great opportunity for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a more metropolitan environment, with the chance to explore historic old buildings and speciality boutiques. “We’ve noticed a recent travel trend in visiting less populated areas, smaller and more intimate travel destinations,” says Høibo, and this is true of both the coast and the mountains. You can also find privacy of a woodier variety across the region in the unique treetop cabins that have soared in popularity in the last couple of years, particularly among international guests – and more cabins are being built every year! World-class gastronomy at Under and Boen Gård

young children – the epitome of a winter playground. The resort features slopes of all difficulty levels, hosts an excellent ski school for all ages and skill levels, and is home to Tusseland, a special alpine park for children. Older skiers and snowboarders can enjoy themselves in the Hovden Terrain Park, which is one of the best 68  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

and biggest terrain parks in the country, stretching over 1,250 metres and boasting more than 30 elements. The southern cape of Norway There is more to the south of Norway in winter than skiing, however, and Visit Sørlandet highlights Lindesnes,

Not many people know that seafood tastes best in winter, and Sørlandet has plenty of it to offer – most notably in the world’s largest underwater restaurant, Under, where you are served Michelin-star quality food, five and a half metres beneath the sea level. The architecturally striking building that lies half-sunken into the ocean leads to a dining room with a truly unforgettable sea view; you are seated by large glass windows that face directly into the marine life of Skagerrak. The