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Dear Reader, I can’t say that my dislike of snow was the main reason I left Sweden, but I’m sure it played a role. And yet, every year without fail, when we list our favourite winter destinations in Scandinavia, I yearn for a trip to the slopes and the glistening, snow-covered trees. Perhaps it’s the serenity, that unmistakable peace that fills you when you stop for a second on your cross-country skis to take it all in, and all you can hear is the sound of your own chest as it fills with fresh air; or it’s the unbeatable joy of sinking into a comfortable chair in front of a crackling fire with a good book as your toes slowly come back to life. Perhaps sometime soon we’ll find a word for that magical feeling – another of those untranslatable Nordic lifestyle trends – but until then, follow our winter guide to find it. In addition to winter adventures, this issue of Scan Magazine takes you on a design and craft journey, from the fascinating industrial design scene of Sweden, through the enchanting world of wool and leather in Norway, topped up with culinary treats like the world’s best London dry gin and a legendary Icelandic hot

dog. Picking the brains of some of the most forward-thinking, stubborn creatives and entrepreneurs in the Nordics, we seek to find out what really makes a great idea great and ask all the important questions about environmentalism, fun and purpose. We’re also introducing a new cartoonist this month, someone whose creations I’ve been a fan of for years and whose first contribution to Scan Magazine made me chuckle. Add a truly fascinating perspective on architecture in Greenland, some thoughts on the relationship between language and identity and, last but not least, a cover feature about the Scandinavian music acts you’re sure to see and hear more from in 2022, and you should have plenty to get you through the festive season – or indeed an entire afternoon in front of that roaring fire. Enjoy!

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