Scan Magazine, Issue 137, December 2021

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Buildings in Nuuk. Photo: Astrid Maria Spring Öberg

other year, they host Greenland’s largest business conference. Future Greenland is the seventh of its kind, and it will take place next year on 17-18 May. The idea is to bring in inspiration from the outside world to Greenland to discuss Greenlandic challenges and options for the future. One of the many things that will be discussed at the conference is how Greenland can get close to the objective of becoming an autonomous economy and less dependent on the money they receive from Denmark. “We are fighting for a strong private sector and creating the right conditions and an environment for our private sector to prosper. We have to be self-sufficient and self-suppliant, but also support our export industries. Currently, 93 per cent of our export is from the fishing industry, but we need to consider tourism as an export, and over time a functioning mineral industry as well. So we are working towards an un110  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

derstanding of what we can do in order for Greenland to be more self-reliant,” explains Keldsen.

the next Klondike, but there is a strong belief that history is being written at this very moment.

Living the potential

“We talked about potential for 50 years here in Greenland, but we are now living the potential, and we are definitely open for business. There are so many options and so many things happening right now with the mineral industry, and all these

It is well known that Greenland has among the best access to raw materials in the world, and all minerals can be found there. Greenland Business Association is not trying to sell Greenland as

Photo: Polar Seafood