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modern feel, which works very well with the garden. It is made from concrete both inside and out, with oak details. The idea is that the black façade will be a part of the garden,” Aarstad explains.

tractive. But we think about what makes it great, like the fact that it brings places and people together, and that it’s a part of the community.”

The complicated and the complex

The architecture firm was established in 2016 and has a diverse team of six. With different backgrounds and experiences, they generate ideas but also possess all the skills needed for efficient and professional project delivery. Clients have commented that they feel included in the creative process, with the small team able to respond quickly to emerging customer requirements.

The complicated, the complex, and the sometimes-tricky projects are those that appeal to the Reaktor team the most – challenges where creativity is needed to make it work. “There can be many barriers to a good outcome, such as local authority rules, neighbours, laws and other restrictions. These force us to think hard about what we can do with what is available to us. In summary, we look at the negative areas and find ways to make them positive places for people,” Aarstad explains. “For example, many would find it difficult to make an urban railway track look at-

Clients are a part of the creative process

When creating a new space, sustainability is important for the Reaktor team. They want to create designs that are robust over time, and that can handle more transformation. “We want to be able to look at our projects in ten years’ time and see that they continue to develop in ways aligned with the transformation process that Reactor AS created at the beginning,” the CEO and architect concludes.

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“You have to be flexible and listen to both your team and the customer or the partners. Because we are such a small organisation, we have to have a good network and a good way of communicating,” says Aarstad.


Skøyenbakken 10.

Skøyenbakken 10.

Skøyenbakken 10.

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