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dations, boat trips, the best hikes or anything else. “We care deeply about each and every guest and we take great pride in helping our guests with anything and everything. We will do our best to ensure that the stay at our beautiful and historic hotel is unforgettable,” í Heiðunum adds. Staying at Hotel Havgrím, you’ll get the feeling that you are far away from everything, but in reality, it’s only a seven-minute walk from the town centre, the old part of Tórshavn, and a bouquet of restaurants and the coffeehouse, Kaffihúsið. The great white house The mother-and-daughter owned hotel opened its doors in April 2018, after restoring the impressive Commodore’s House, also known among locals as the White House. The house, which has always been surrounded by a veil of mysticism among the locals, has a rich and interesting history dating back to 1948, when it was built by Havgrímur Johan-

nesen from Tórshavn, whom the hotel is also named after. Built just a couple of years after the end of World War II, the house was like no other house ever built on the Faroe Islands. “The house was designed by Eyðálvur á Heygum, inspired by Havgrím’s many sailing trips to Great Britain, and in particular Scotland. The house was very impressive, stylish, and extremely modern for its time,” says Lis Eklund, the mother and one of the owners. Unfortunately, the Johannesen family only got to live in the big, beautiful house for a few years, as the family went bankrupt when a financial crisis hit the Faroe Islands in the early 1950s. The Danish Navy then purchased the house and since then, 21 Danish Commodores and their families have lived in the house. The last Commodore left in 2013, and the Faroese Government took over responsibility of the house until in 2016, they sold it to the new owners and the house was trans-

formed into the beautiful boutique hotel that it is today. “When restoring the house, it was important to us to keep the history of the house alive. For instance, we have a list of the names of all the dignitaries who have lived here hanging in the reception,” Eklund explains. Sustainability at the forefront “We use eco-friendly products, including fair trade and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. All the energy at the hotel comes from our own geothermal source, and we use eco-friendly shower heads,” says Eklund. With its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and appetising breakfast, Havgrím Seaside Hotel 1948 is not only the perfect place to stay when visiting the Faroe Islands; it is also the perfect place for board meetings, business meetings, bridal showers, weddings and so much more. Web: Facebook: Havgrím Seaside Hotel 1948 Instagram: @havgrimseasidehotel1948

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