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The changes to the buildings were made while it was still operating as a prison for inmates of different genders, and the logistics of creating a different space in those circumstances were among the bigger challenges. It was a thoroughly planned yet organic project as a result, and the role of APA went beyond their expertise in designing high-security facilities; the ongoing liaison and dialogue with all involved parties was crucial. Trifolium – A playful universe in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn


and in this reimagined place, which includes family rooms, they can comfortably spend time with their relatives. The new prison allows Kriminalforsorgen to provide targeted education and training to, and treatment for, these women, who make up four per cent of current Danish inmates. “We worked very closely with the prison staff and Kriminalforsorgen, ensuring that the day-to-day running of Jyderup remained largely unaffected by the changes we were putting in place,” says Hviid Mønster. “This was challenging, but also fun and satisfying to find solutions and overcome potential problems.”


At the other end of the spectrum of APA’s portfolio is Trifolium, a creative re-shaping of an exciting property. The firm is staying true to its value DNA in terms of the essence of this project, yet this is a very different kind of space. What is currently happening in Sydhavn is very exciting. “One of the most exhilarating things about this project is working alongside developers keen to create something truly original and off the scale, and joining forces with people who are already inhabiting some of the spaces in Sydhavn. It’s a really fun project to be a part of, genuinely passionate and challenging,” says Hviid Mønster. The playfulness embedded in the development of Trifolium is evident, as is the thrill of teaming up with compatible creative and sustainably focused minds. The

attention in the construction work itself is on reusing existing materials, including repairing old windows rather than replacing them, and using structures already in place instead of creating new ones. Much of Trifolium is re-imagined rather than created, and Hviid Mønster explains how the nature of the place springs from what was already there, rather than being invented anew. The transformations taking place at Trifolium link directly back to the materials and colours originally used in the construction work in the ‘60s. “It is wonderful to be a part of this development at this stage, because the area still has an unapologetically authentic feel to it. It is inevitable that the nature of this place will change as it is developed over the next many years,” Hviid Mønster reflects. Trifolium is an experiment for creative companies, who all contribute positively to the community, and it houses many different companies, people and passions. It plays an integral part in the redevelopment of the last pocket of undeveloped land in Copenhagen, and it seems fitting that APA plays a crucial part in the regeneration of this unique space.

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Photo: Kriminalforsorgen

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