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Poster for Sveps, a youth workshop organisation.

Branding for Taidetöölö Music School.

Visualising your ideas An important first step of any project is having a plan. However, with regards to a building, a new interior or the design of a room, it can often be difficult to visualise how it will look when it is done. OlaDesign gives life to ideas through 3D designs and now also virtual reality (VR). By Josefine Older Steffensen  |  Photos: OlaDesign

“We can build anything in VR,” says Julio Orduña Sánchez, co-owner of OlaDesign alongside Emma Grönholm and Matías Celayes. “Over the years, as the technology has developed and become more popular, we have received more requests for builds to be made in VR.” OlaDesign is one of the top companies in Finland who create virtual reality designs. “A normal build in VR directly from a plan takes from three to four days, so it’s quite quick. What’s really good about it, is that we can then continue the design and exploratory phase within the VR en-

vironment, so that when a client, designer or architect changes something, the client can soon thereafter see how that change might affect the look and feel of the place,” explains Orduña Sánchez.

Bringing spaces to life OlaDesign brings their own VR goggles with them and draws on the varying expertise of the three owners, where Orduña Sánchez is a 3D artist and landscape architect, Grönholm is a graphic designer and Celayes a 3D artist and industrial designer, to ensure the build is comprehensive and takes into account

the many elements involved in making a good design. “We all bring something different to the table, but when you are a designer, you think in a particular way, which makes it easier for us to translate the idea into something visual and comprehensive,” says Orduña Sánchez. Outside of VR, OlaDesign also offers everything from branding and web design to 3D visualisation. They have, alongside their clients, won numerous international design and architecture awards. Their broad range of specialities makes them a great partner, with many of their clients choosing to return to them for their next project.

Exhibition room - Oladesign Ltd.

Visualisation for Playa Architects Ltd Kuninkaantammi housing.

38 | Issue 123 | April 2019

Visualisation for L-Architects Ltd, Europa 14 Architectural competition, second prize.

Web: www.oladesign.fi Facebook: oladesignfi Instagram: @oladesignfi LinkedIn: oladesign-fi

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Scan Magazine, Issue 123, April 2019  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia! Including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Scan Magazine, Issue 123, April 2019  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia! Including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.