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and happy life,” Freyberg explains. She can see a clear link between Finland being the happiest nation of 2018 and their frequent use of the sauna. “I know from my own experience that when I am tired after a stressful day and go to the sauna, it makes me feel like a different person. It is really amazing how it can make you feel so much happier.”

A place to relax and take care of your health In the sauna, you can cleanse both your body and your mind. It is a place to find harmony, to relax, to take care of your health and to pamper yourself. An ideal, authentic Finnish sauna experience is created by seeing to all the senses, utilising scents, sensations and sounds while including the important elements of wood, water and living fire. It is not only the act of being in the sauna that is important, but also what happens before and after. “The process starts even before you go. Make sure you take your time – no mobile phone, drink plenty of water, wash yourself and get ready to relax. After the sauna, it is crucial to take it easy.” Freyberg advises using quality textiles, skin care and other products to boost the experience and make it even more beneficial for you.

Make time for the sauna “The researchers who have been studying the benefits of the sauna have said that if you don’t have time to exercise, at least make time for the sauna. Of course, there are multiple health benefits for your heart, your skin and your wellbeing, but it also makes you feel very good both physically and mentally,” says Freyberg. To get the maximum health benefits, it is advised to visit the sauna at least four times a week and to stay there for 20 minutes.

to strengthen the international markets of the Finnish sauna. In 2018, this annual event was held in Jyväskylä with a fun and diverse programme consisting of speakers, panel discussions, networking, experiences and, of course, saunas. “Here, you can discover the latest news and trends from the sauna and wellbeing markets, while meeting other enthusiasts,” Freyberg concludes.

As well as giving advice and helping hotels, public spas and private homeowners to build their own sauna, Sauna from Finland also wants to make sure that everyone can get the experience. “If you can’t get to a sauna, we are happy to advise you on how to create a relaxing and calm moment for yourself. For us, it is important to provide all the knowledge and tools you might need to get the same benefits as those of a sauna, no matter where in the world you are,” Freyberg smiles.

World Sauna Forum For the last two years, Sauna from Finland has organised World Sauna Forum, a big networking event for sauna businesses from all over the world,

How a Finnish sauna is good for your health It is good for your heart. It lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It considerably decreases the risk of fatal and cardiac illnesses. 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna reduces your blood pressure.

Unexpected Finnish sauna benefits Helps you sleep better and fight depression. Eliminates toxins and increases metabolism. Good for your skin. Helps against psoriasis. Promotion of social interaction - helps combat loneliness. Faster post-sport recovery and increase of heat tolerance.

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