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Drottninggatan Stockholm.

Wall at Karolinska Institutet’s new research centre BIOMEDICUM.

Urban plantscaping A great eye for plants and design, cloud-based irrigation control, all recycled materials – there are many reasons why Greenworks makes a difference to their clients, both from an aesthetic point of view and through countless benefits to their wellbeing and surrounding environment. By Sara Wenkel  |  Photos: Peter Edqvist

The Greenworks product range is flourishing: walls with vertical gardens, urban farming on rooftops, and furniture with embedded life. The company’s founder, Per Berglund, describes how the living wall first caught his attention. “I came from a product design field and enjoyed the creative process that resulted in smart and beautiful objects. With living walls, I simply fell in love from the first moment – not only with the visual impression, but in experiencing so clearly how an extensive use of plants improves our wellbeing.” There are multiple studies showing the many benefits of green surroundings, including for example air purification, noise and toxin reduction, mindfulness and productivity, and the growth and promotion of

biodiversity in the city. “We want to be at the forefront of the green movement and as such work closely with students within the landscape field,” explains Emma Norman, partner at Greenworks. A hobby gardener, Norman had a successful career within international retail, but when she joined Greenworks she could for the first time build a life she did not need holidays from.

Greenworks helps you plan Planning a living wall at an early stage of a project greatly saves on costs as it can be integrated into the construction and plumbing of a building. “With the right planning, you can use a lot of the waste water from the building. Our project managers help our clients through the whole planning process, and we

have extensive experience from working with real estate developers, architects and others,” Berglund explains. “Many people think that outdoor living walls are only for warmer climates, but that’s not true,” Norman states. By combining cloud-based technology and knowledge of local flora, Greenworks operates living walls in all climates. Berglund explains that Greenworks monitors the wall’s wellbeing remotely and shares the information with local maintenance staff. This technology enables Greenworks to ensure adequate maintenance of their sustainable products in other countries. This autumn, Greenworks presented its biggest project so far: a ten-storey-tall vertical garden combining a total of 28 living walls. “We were very honoured that we were chosen for this project,” says Norman. Web:

Issue 107  |  December 2017  |  15

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Scan Magazine, Issue 107, December 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Danish DJ Martin Jensen.

Scan Magazine, Issue 107, December 2017  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Danish DJ Martin Jensen.