Discover Southern Europe, Issue 7, August 2019

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Goldschmidt Conference.

Business Calendar Goldschmidt Conference 18 – 23 August, Barcelona, Spain Have you ever wondered which chemical processes have shaped Earth’s evolution over time? Goldschmidt Conference might be a place to find answers. This year, the foremost international conference on geochemistry takes place in Barcelona and delves into the interconnections between life and the physical world, the search for new resources, and the environmental challenges facing today's world.

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Electronics 21 – 23 August, Lisbon, Portugal How can we use electricity in an environmentally conducive way? At the Conference on Electrical Engineering and Electronics, scholars from all over the world assemble to present what’s happening in their field today. Go to listen, network and participate in this year’s workshop on the challenges of the information, communication and technology sector connected to machine learning and big data. 46  |  Issue 7  |  August 2019

5-Continent-Congress 29 August – 1 September, Barcelona, Spain The 5CC gathers the most renowned dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and aesthetic physicians together to offer topical expertise in aesthetics, lasers and medicines for skin. Tapan Patel’s signature masterclass on ‘Full Face Filler Techniques’ and an expert panel dedicated to medical business, practice management and digital marketing are just two examples of the 200 speakers from all over the world participating.

Building Simulation 2 – 4 September, Rome, Italy Every day, we use light, turn on music and ventilate our rooms. Mostly, without thinking about it. The Building Simulation in Rome is the first international event to share knowledge about simulation tools that improve the performance characteristics of a building: energy storage, acoustics, lightning and solar systems are part of the programme, as well as digital building solutions. Whether as an expert, student or practitioner in the field – this is an excep-


tional occasion to expand your skills.

Summit for Satellite Financing 9 – 11 September, Paris, France The Summit for Satellite Financing is the must-attend conference for the global satellite communications and connectivity sector. With over 130 senior executive speakers representing the whole spectrum of the aviation and aerospace industry, the summit is the French counterpart of the World Satellite Business Week and creates a unique opportunity to network and to strike business deals with the key decision makers shaping the connected world. Goldschmidt Conference.