Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017

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Guiding international clients through the jungle of German business laws Founded in Germany and working for a wide national and international clientele, the law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT embodies multidisciplinary thinking. Working in teams, lawyers, consultants and accountants often have very different expertise and a background in various fields of law. Working together and combing their strengths allows them to gain the best results for clients. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  |  PHOTOS: FOTOLIA

“We advise our clients on every relevant aspect of German business law,” says Dr. Guido Krüger, member of the steering committee at BEITEN BURKHARDT. The firm was founded in Germany, which implicates a strong regional focus but also works internationally. BEITEN BURKHARDT is a network of 168 partners headed by managing partner Frank Obermann, who together with the board members Georg Philipp Cotta, Dr. Maximilian Emanuel Elspas, Dr. Guido Krüger and Dr. Hans-Peter Mechlem steers the law firm’s direction. But associates and employees also shape how the company works and further develops. 84  |  Issue 51  |  June 2017

BEITEN BURKHARDT works for the German public sector, foundations, large and medium-sized companies as well as multinational corporations. “We accompany our clients through strategic and operative decision-making processes and are always present as very competent consultants,” explains Krüger. When working for German clients, this also means supporting them with their international activities – “from our German offices as well as through partners in our foreign offices in Beijing, Brussels, Moscow and St. Petersburg”. Their German offices are situated in the great business hotspots Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

The German capital Berlin plays an important role for the law firm, not only because the city is seat of the German government making the laws and regulations BEITEN BURKARDT later has to work with. On the other hand, Berlin has a very lively and international start-up scene that in recent years has become a more and more important business sector.“Our clients range from small start-ups to strategic financial investors,” says Guido Krüger. Not only in Berlin, but also in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, BEITEN BURHARDT partners are active in the start-up scene.“We think that this innovative sector has great potential, therefore we have adjusted our consulting services accordingly – to be as effective here as in other sectors.” The office in Brussels allows the company to be in touch with the newest EU regulations – and those still under consideration and possibly relevant in future. To be ahead of developments has always