Discover Germany | Issue 17 | August 2014

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Page 78

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A relaunch for a classic shoe design Stefi Talman’s ZIP shoe is back on the market Buying shoes, a handbag or a purse from the iconic Swiss shoe designer Stefi Talman means investing in a durable product – timeless chic meets high quality. ZIP, her most legendary model, was designed in the early 1980s, and it brought the shoe designer overnight fame. For summer 2014 Stefi Talman has revamped the idea and brought the shoe back onto the market. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: STEFI TALMAN

78 | Issue 17 | August 2014

Talman learned her business the traditional manner; in the late 1970s she started work as a shoemaker’s apprentice in the Swiss town of Winterthur and later studied at Milan’s Ars Sutoria, the illustrious institute for shoe design. A true artisan, Stefi Talman still produces most of the lasts needed when de-