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Main image: Experiencing milk processing and cheese production up close in the Open Dairy Above: Culinary delights from the restaurant Sennereiküche

Milk, mountains and much more

Hay milk products from goats, sheep and cows Bottom: Traditional hay harvest in Zillertal

At the Sennerei Zillertal in Tyrol, you can enjoy the unique taste of fresh hay milk products, discover how cheese is made and get to know the Zillertal traditions at parties and events – all under one roof.

nereiküche serves the best culinary delights in the region.You can also take home a piece of the Zillertal at the sale point on site.


And why not book the ErlebnisSennerei for your next party?“Our event location offers a generous space and beautiful views over the surrounding mountains of Zillertal!” says Kröll.“Inside, there is space for up to 200 and on the forecourt there is room for 200 to 1,800 people. The outer area can also be roofed and heated, so events can take place in any kind of weather.”

The very high standards of their hay milk from cows, sheep and goats is what makes the traditional, yet innovative, family-run business distinctive from other dairy farms. “The animals spend the summers on the hill farms in Zillertal, enjoying up to 50 different herbs and grasses,” explains Heinz Kröll, head of Sennerei Zillertal.“In the wintertime, they feast on sun-dried hay and mineral-rich grains – our fodder is 100 per cent free of silage or fermenting add-ons.” The lucky cows produce great quality hay milk, which is used to create a variety of delicious foods.“Our product range includes milk, whipped cream, sour cream, butter, yogurt, curd, buttermilk and different kinds

22 | Issue 12 | March 2014

of cheese,” says Kröll about the goods, which will soon be available in the company’s new online shop, too. “Our traditional Graukäse Premium is particularly popular with the locals. The further refinement of this acid curd cheese at home has become a bit of a famous custom!” Those who are curious to have a look behind the scenes will enjoy the company’s ErlebnisSennerei – the first Open Dairy in Tyrol. “It offers the unique opportunity to experience the processing of daily fresh hay milk and the making of cheese – up close and personal!” says Kröll about the tours with multilingual audio guides and optional product tastings. Worked up an appetite after the tour? The dairy farm’s restaurant Sen-