Discover Germany | Issue 11 | February 2014

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Page 44

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Architecture and Design Guide

Brand-relevant digital innovation and aesthetically appealing solutions Modern society, in flat-screen and high-definition, brings with it an influx of messages, each declaring to be the best new thing. However, what defines these messages, what really sets them apart, is their branding. The design aesthetic of a brand needs to hit the spot, and Berlin-based think moto are the team to do it. TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE | PHOTOS: THINK MOTO

Strong, appealing design aesthetics attract our attention. Brands are portrayed in a way that appeals directly to us, giving us the sense that they were almost made entirely for us.There is consistency in branding, ensuring our attention doesn’t stray. But achieving this is no mean feat. In today’s digital world, it is down to the hard work, dedication and creativity by design agencies that brands achieve success and recognition. think moto, the Berlin-based strategic design and branding agency, led by Marco Spies and partner Katja Wenger, place themselves “somewhere between classical

44 | Issue 11 | February 2014

The management team from left to right: Marco Spies (Managing Partner), Ulrich Pohl (Design Director), Katja Wenger (Creative Partner), Dr. Carsten Totz (Strategy Director) Photo: Christiane Haid