Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

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Villa am Park.

Villa am Park.


1999, only three years after his university degree, Thomas Unterlandstättner founded his architecture office. Since then, the dimensions of his projects have constantly grown, but until today it has continued to be his main goal to shape people’s everyday life and coexistence. The office handles all project stages: “This way we can make sure that the ideas we developed don’t stay castles in the cloud – or that the original

56  |  October 2021  |  Issue 86

idea gets lost during implementation,” says Thomas Unterlandstättner. To guarantee this the architect work closely together his clients, including a wide range of building tasks: from apartment buildings and private villas to nurseries and commercial properties. “In all our projects we have the goal to make the energy supply as CO2-  neutral as possible”, says Thomas Unterlandstättner. Next to an innovative design the Krailing single-family home for instance features an air heat pump. At the “Monolithischen Ensemble“, two lightweight concrete villas, and the  “Villa am Park” the architecture office used a slightly different approach: They fitted both projects with a ground water heat pump and green roofs. In its

design and the inner and outer structure the villa reflects the large old trees and the view towards the neighbouring spacious park – among others by using a flame treated wooden façade and an orientation towards the premises. The building is a hybrid of steel concrete, natural stone walls and a façade structure in wooden modular construction. Sustainability and eco-efficiency also play an important role in existing buildings as the refurbishment of an old building in Munich shows: “In Munich district heating is slowly replaced by geothermal energy,” says the architect. Two new flats, designed as rental properties, were created at the top floor of the building, featuring a unique view over Munich’s roofs towards the alps.


Founder Thomas Unterlandstättner loves the versatility of his job and is inspired by a design that combines a clear language and precise execution, but also takes the various social aspects into consideration. One of the most important questions for the architect is how we actually live together.


“The obvious speaks for itself.” The Munich based architecture office Unterlandstättner realises timeless ideas and always has an eye on the entirety. Thus, buildings with a strong character emerge that are in a perfect symbiosis with their surroundings. Sustainability plays an important role.