Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

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Discover Germany  |  Architecture Special

Above: Brick Vault House / Space Popular. Photo: © Mariela Apollonio Bottom left: Monumen(t)huis Office Renovation / Declerck-Daels Architecten. Photo: © Tim Van de Velde


1. EXPOSED STEEL STRUCTURES One recurring trend throughout the past few years is certainly the one of exposed steel structures. While steel is mostly used in a hidden form, more and more architects work with exposed steel for some attractive, modern buildings with a ‘wow’ factor. 2. EXTENSIONS Extend your home instead of buying a new one. While it makes sense from an environmental viewpoint, it also can look absolutely incredible – especially when modern materials and  colour schemes meet a more traditional building shell.

3. GLASS BLOCKS When you think about glass blocks, the 70s probably spring to mind. Excessively used in that time, the design element has actually enjoyed a recent revival as an eye-catching architectural element.

5. MONOCHROMATIC COLOURS Monochromatic colour schemes are the lastest interior trends and are de-  rived from a single base hue. They then are extended by adding different tints, tones and shades of the same hue.

4. PLANT FACADES An innovative and gorgeous way to make cities greener are plant or green facades which describe walls that get completely or partially covered with greenery. These facades are increasingly used in urban environments all over the world to foster economic, environmental, aesthetic and physiological benefits. Issue 86  |  October 2021  |  27