Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

Page 25

Discover Germany  |  Architecture Special

NEW MATERIALS While buildings need to be designed in a different and new light, new materials are being tested out everywhere. Many architects believe in the power of wood as wood is a renewable building material that is preferable to concrete, brick, aluminium or steel when it comes to sustainability – despite deforestation aspects. An example of what wood is capable of is the wooden high-rise building HoHo in Vienna by the architectural firm Rüdiger Lainer and  Partner. With 24 floors, it is currently the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper. Another prominent example is the work currently done by Florian Nagler

Architekten – the architectural firm is trying a somewhat different approach to fight the waste of ressources. The firm built three different research houses (one out of concrete, one out of timber and one out of brick) in Bad Aibling to find out what material is best to save energy and produce the least CO2 during the building phase, as well as when occupants actually live in the building. As the buildings are now occupied, continuous measurements over the next few years will come up with interesting data that will help answer some of the most pressing architectural questions of our time. Stay tuned! Issue 86  |  October 2021  |  25