Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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says Christian Olaf Schmidt, and Markus Plöcker adds: “Architecture for us is the interaction with context and everything we find around the construction task to enhance and beautify it. Architecture is a serving form of art, responsible for good cohabitation.” Space and its usage cannot be separated.“Our architecture wants to enhance the positive togetherness of people; diversity, interaction and a lively exchange are mutually dependent.” This is why architects have to understand the space they are working in. spa.’s second pillar is the focus on ecologically responsible buildings and the use of modern technology. Their buildings intend to reduce the CO2 footprint through the choice of materials or energy efficient insulation. “Building beautifully on its own is simply not enough. We take our responsibility seriously. Building and living to a high degree contribute to harmful emissions and the greenhouse effect, not

to speak of waste and solid pollutants. We are always looking for the least harmful material,” says Schmidt. Among the new and innovative approaches spa. explores is, for instance, BIM. Short for ‘Building Information Modelling’, BIM is an optimised method for planning, building and managing buildings through advanced software. This not only makes the process more efficient, but also more transparent for developers. This directly links to the third pillar: The architectural process and the economic efficiency. Building with the user and owner in mind is key, and that means when developing a concept, the costs always have to be considered – not only for the building phase itself, but also the later operation and maintenance. The people and the space are the formative elements for Markus Plöcker’s and Christian Olaf Schmidt’s architecture.

“Good architecture moves, supports, is strikingly discreet, versatile, pleases and stimulates. But this never can be an end in itself. The society and changing requirements are the measurement for the acceptance of architecture,” says Plöcker, and Schmidt adds: “We strive for appropriateness and quality. We are interested in the question if the building as a whole is successful. Good architecture is like a limb – it has to function and fit into the body. Good architecture makes people feel at home and ensouled.” Left: Stagebox - co-Working in Mainz. Photo: © Lars Gruber, Darmstadt Below left: KUBIK – Modernisation and tenant fit-out in Luxembourg. Photo: © Lars Gruber, Darmstadt Bottom left: Holistic renovation of Sparkasse Dieburg in Groß-Umstadt. Photo: © Dirk Altenkirch, Karlsruhe Below right: Architects Christian Olaf Schmidt and Markus Plöcker. Photo: © Lars Gruber, Darmstadt Bottom right: Gate 41 in Sindelfingen/Böblingen. Client: Aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG (© visualization)

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