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ber of islands, but that they are actually quite big. Rügen, for example, is the country’s largest island and stretches all over the region of Pomerania, which is both partly German and Polish. The most fascinating part of Rügen is the Jasmund National Park with its impressive cliffs. You can easily take a boat along the cliffs and just enjoy nature far away from the big cities. It is a great way to recharge and just enjoy life. To finish off the tour along the Baltic coast, it is worth visiting one of Germany’s most unknown cities amongst international tourists – a location even many Germans have not visited yet. In the far northwest corner of the country lies the Hanseatic Stralsund. Photo: © Wikipedia

League city of Stralsund. It was founded in 1234, has its own university and the old market square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town would be a brilliant location to watch the World Cup final – with or without the German national team making it. The so-called ‘Strelasund’ is a lagoon of the Baltic Sea and provides a great opportunity for sailing and other water sports. From the lagoon, it is even possible to view the great island of Rügen from a distance, at least on a clear sunny day. There might be the odd rainy day, but July is a favourable month to visit Stralsund and enjoy hospitality at a top level. Fresh seafood on

every corner will also make it a delicious culinary tour. The journey shows that there is no need to go all the way east to enjoy Baltic flair in Europe. Germany’s northwest has it all, and it is certainly a tourist destination somewhat ‘off the radar’. Munich, Berlin or the Alps are common places to visit, and certainly have their fascinating tourist hotspots, however, July is the perfect month to give the northwest a chance to impress you. A beer near the ‘Holstentor’ in Lübeck, fresh fish in Warnemünde or enjoying the World Cup final in the old town of Stralsund – the region is most definitely prepared for you to enjoy a great summer experience. Photo: © Pixabay

Aerial view Yacht Harbour Residence Rostock. Photo: © Wikipedia

Public viewing. Photo: © visitBerlin, Frank Nürnberger

Rathaus Stralsund nächtlich erleuchtet. Photo: © Wikipedia

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