Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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BUERO112 - your strategic partner for digital design solutions


The digitised, modern environment is no doubt a big challenge in many ways, but also offers great opportunities. Munich-based digital design and concept agency BUERO112 helps to capitalise on those opportunities. BUERO112 has a clear focus on creating digital strategies that fit the brand as well as the consumer. “Design is our tool to drive sales and increase value for our clients. We do offer a range of services. Consumer apps, e-commerce solutions, digital branding you name it. What we don’t offer, however, are standard solutions. We rather see ourselves as our clients’ strategic partner. We are not exclusively interested in the present aspect of the project, we are also interested in its background on how the project’s goals were defined etc. These answers help us to fully understand the scope of a project, to advise and to design a solution that truly matches our clients’ needs,”Alexander Baumann, co-founder and co-owner, says when attempting to outline BUERO112’s approach.

Their holistic concept of a strategic alliance that empowers brands in the digital world certainly pays off, as BUERO112 counts amongst its many satisfied clients, high-profile names like the outdoor brand Mammut and the fashion label Bogner.

Photo: © Sven Jürgensmeier

Mammut Connect App. Photo: © BUERO112

Meet the founders (left to right): Richard Gabler, Alexander Baumann, Georg Streibl. Photo: © Sven Jürgensmeier

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