Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

Page 103

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“Our client portfolio is as diverse as it is exciting: our customers range from global players such as LOEWE, Zalando, NEFF and Lindner Group to traditional companies such as Hasenkopf and Baierl + Demmelhuber, and boutique and startup brands such as Gini, UNU Motors and Kia-Charlotta,” Köstring explains. The Corporate Creation founder establishes partnerships as equals not just within her team, but also with all her clients. Meeting everyone on eye level and with respect is common sense at Corporate Creation. Transparency runs throughout every process and during every stage of it. “We are far away from being a standard service provider. Together with our clients, we really want to find out what the brand is genuinely about. The values we communicate and emphasise are usually full of depth and character,” Köstring claims. “Working in branding and advertising, we are very aware that with our marketing skills we can probably make anything sound appealing – it is no secret that the whole industry is full of empty promises. So, for us, it is extremely important that our clients value quality. That they stand 100 per cent behind their own message.” Although awards are not something that they actively strive for, and naturally, creativity is the never-ceasing driving force behind all creations, Köstring says that it

is of course lovely to receive appreciation from the professional community. With her work ethics, it should come as no surprise that Corporate Creation has received a great number of prestigious design awards over the years. Most recently, the German Design Award in 2016, the Red Dot Award in 2017 and the iF Communication Design Award 2018 - for a second time. Aside from their wide and diverse client range, Köstring explains that they also have their passion projects, which keep the creative juices flowing and help, for example, young start-ups. Köstring sees this work as ‘creative investments’. One of those start-ups is Kia-Charlotta, a manufactur-

er for vegan nail polish which has quickly established itself. Another is The King Gin, a small gin manufactory near Munich. “We love to support those younger companies with our strategic expertise, because we believe in their passion for their projects which is simply inspiring,”she enthuses. “For all our clients, our credo is ‘Let your brand arouse desire’, and we accomplish that thanks to our marketing strategies that create a corporate design language which includes the intelligent content but, of course, also aesthetic appeal and force,” Köstring adds with a warm smile.

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