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widely recognised as the most secure encryption process. Of course, the data is only transported when it is fully encrypted and is stored just a short distance from CTT’s Munich headquarters. Depending on the client’s individual needs, CTT makes the right amount of memory space available on their high-performance back-up server and ensures the continuous availability of all necessary systems. CTT strictly controls who can access their data centre, which is equipped with an uninterrupted power supply, redundant internet connection and automatic fire extinguishing units. The connection for backups between the client and the data centre is only established during configured time slots, which increases the level of protection against ransom software. These time slots can be adjusted by the client and allow for a completely customised back-up schedule.

ally, there are advanced options available including snapshots of the saved data. CTT makes sure their clients can customise their back-up concept to fit their company’s special requirements throughout. As a company, CTT has established itself firmly in the international IT scene and can proudly look back at almost 40 years of experience in the market. Founded in 1979, the company has become a leading international distributor of storagerelated IT devices and is one of the most important IT distribution companies in Germany today. CTT continuously re-

ceives outstanding feedback by its clients and suppliers alongside prestigious business awards and widespread industry recognition. Their new clever back-up system exoCrypTT is the airbag you hope to never need but which you are extremely glad to have if anything happens. Would you ever drive without one? For more information, please visit the following website.

In case of a local data loss, clients can access their back-up easily and data recovery is a very straight-forward simple process. It goes without saying that customer service is available to assist. Generally, the exoCrypTT back-up service includes everything needed for storing data externally. The clients receive the CTT Crypto box, which is the hardware that ensures the encryption and the secure communication with the CTT back-up server. Also included are two USB sticks (the original and a copy) with the necessary software for the configuration of the keys in order to encrypt the client’s data. The exoCrypTT box is easy to install and the team at CTT is always available to guide customers through the process step by step. In its basic version, exoCrypTT is the ideal and very affordable option for small- and medium-sized companies that need a straightforward solution that does not require a great deal of restructuring. Clients can also view the status of their data and transfer volumes using the exoCrypTT back-up portal. This means that the costs, which are depending on usage, can always be easily monitored. AdditionIssue 55  |  October 2017  |  87