Discover Germany, Issue 55, October 2017

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seconds per smartphone app. This method quickly compares and verifies data and can be performed anywhere at any time. For example, driver's licence characteristics can be quickly and flexibly aligned in the case of repeat tests. The Auto Check is offered at various security grades. Documents can also be verified with the help of a short video sequence. identity eID works via the eID feature of the new passport and allows for an online identification within seconds. With the help of a card reader, the respective ID card app and the electronic passport with activated chip, identity Trust Management helps closing the deal in record time, complete with qualification, identification and signature. identity Giro works in cooperation with partner banks. In three simple steps, the identity test is performed just as easily as any online banking task. After the identity test, the cooperation partners receive identity Management – comprehensive Trust Service partner.

the result in real time, without any data being stored. Comfortable, safe and free of media discontinuity: identity Video is an identification method for any place at any time, with any device. By using either mobile app, laptop or PC, legally compliant identification is made easy. Also, the driver's licence can thus be quickly classified and verified, for example in the case of car sharing. Last not least, legal persons and their authorised representative can be verified through the identity Legal service, an automatic, manipulation-proof process of drawing the verifying data from the respective registries within minutes. identity Trust Management clients stem from the banking, finance and FinTech as well as the automotive, health care, telecommunication, e-commerce and shared economy sectors. Working in identity Kurier – close the deal anywhere, at any given time.

close cooperation with both the German Federal Printing Office and the Austrian National Printing Office, identity Trust Management AG started out as an identification service provider in 2011. Back then, their two offline services were built up resulting in a nationwide physical presence, followed step by step by the online options as available today. Next year, digital contract management will be expanded with an identity PoS (Point of Sale) option – a hybrid procedure combining identification with a qualified electronic signature which, although taking place offline, is fully digitised. Apart from working on further banking and trust service-based options, the company will focus on further continuing their international expansion. *electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services regulations identity Shop – ideal for E-commerce and mobile clients.

identity-PoS – hybrid procedure.

identity Giro – identification via online banking partners.

identity Video – identification via any device.

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