Discover Germany, Issue 55, October 2017

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Cognitec Systems:

The face recognition company Futuristic technologies have made our world more efficient and faster. Face recognition certainly falls into this exciting new realm. As a pioneer in this innovative field, Cognitec Systems is continuously developing market-leading products for real-life applications based on its FaceVACS technology. Face recognition is bringing convenient and fast access solutions to our busy lives. Most of us know the efficient border control processes at the airport, thanks to Cognitec. In 2013, they introduced their pioneering product for verification processes in eGates at border control checkpoints.“The technology allows travellers to complete self-service border control procedures in less than 15 seconds,” spokesperson Elke Oberg adds. Facial image database searches have proven to prevent ID document fraud, and also help law enforcement agencies worldwide to quickly find offenders and solve crimes. In addition, video applications are evolving quickly, as Oberg points out: “We offer leading-edge video screening

and analytics technology that allows users to detect and identify persons of interest in video streams or footage while computing demographic and behavioural data, such as age, gender and person count. Recently, Cognitec also developed two hardware products, a specialised video camera and the biometric unit for eGates, to complement its software offerings.”


Cognitec has maintained outstanding scores in the ‘NIST Face Recognition Vendor Tests’ since 2002, most recently winning the age estimation subtest. It should come as no surprise that more than 200 customers in over 50 countries are already using Cognitec’s face recognition engine and products in various applications. Are you ready for the future? Left: Image database search results. Right: Comparing passport image to live image in eGates.

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