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strategic restructuring. “At kobaltblau, we are creating a culture free of hierarchy. Senior consultants come together with young lateral thinkers. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely, share freely and exchange his or her ideas and concepts. This approach makes kobaltblau able to develop innovative solutions of the highest quality and ahead of the state-of-theart for our clients,” explains Hans-Werner Feick. Since the founding in June 2016, kobaltblau has grown rapidly. More than 40 consultants are currently working at kobaltblau in Zurich, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Recent clients range from medium-sized companies to leading international corporations across various industries, for example automotive, finance, insurance services, logistics and the public sector. “We combine management and

Ivan Kovynyov. Photo: kobaltblau Management Consultants

organisational expertise with profound technological knowledge. Based on this combination, we are able to assist our clients through the entire process – from the concept to the implementation of an idea,” states Feick. Bundling expertise for a successful transformation “Our consulting approach is unique,” says founder Hans-Werner Feick. “We specifically search and activate the competences existing at the client’s site and combine them with our methodological knowledge. Our clients’ employees on-site are actively working with our consultants to develop ideas and concepts. This approach ensures maximum acceptance and secures a high success rate.” Why should companies engage external partners to assist in driving the digital transformation? Digital transformation

comes from the usage of new digital technologies. However, the impact of digital transformation on companies and businesses has not yet been perfectly understood.“A change of an entire system within an organisation cannot be easily executed and accepted. Employees stick to past procedures and are often resistant to change. External partners can generate a starting impulse towards change,” says HansWerner Feick. “We bring a new perspective to our clients’ digital transformation, facilitate discussion and decision making, develop and implement new digital solutions. We have the necessary competence to move the organisation forward,”explains Feick. “Furthermore, external partners allow the management to delegate the execution of digitalisation endeavours. The management can use this time and energy to focus on strategic issues and innovation.”

Hans-Werner Feick.

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