Discover Germany, Issue 55, October 2017

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Claudia M. Strohmaier.

CMS Consulting:

Where ideas turn into plans Vienna-based consulting firm CMS supports businesses at any stage to help them remain flexible in our time of constant change and innovation. With almost two decades of experience, CMS founder Claudia M. Strohmaier is the expert you have been looking for. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE   |  PHOTO: ANJA-LENE MELCHERT

In almost all aspects of our lives, the view of an outsider can give more and often different insights than from our own subjective perspective. This could not be more relevant than in the world of business. Identifying a company’s core competences, developing strategies that are in alignment thereof as well as recognising areas where processes can be improved commonly all result in an increase of profits. CMS founder Claudia M. Strohmaier explains the challenges modern businesses face: “The constant change in the value structure of society, the dynamic changes in the expectation of services and prod-

ucts, abrupt changes in technology and communications, and, last but not least, the change in market structure are the challenges of our time for all businesses.” According to Strohmaier, the entrepreneur is no longer adequate as the sole factor for success. She adds:“Sophisticated information systems are an essential prerequisite to successfully lead companies into the future.” CMS provides an all-round consulting service for business management and all related areas, regardless of a company’s size. From Start-Ups, which can use the subsidised special consultation rates, to larger corporations and busi-

nesses in transition, Strohmaier has the know-how to lift ideas off the ground. Her widespread client base ranges from manufacturing companies as well as service companies, the medical sector and artists. “To accompany smaller businesses through the different stages of corporate management means, I can learn something new every day,” says Strohmaier. “The energy and enthusiasm entrepreneurs have when it comes to mastering challenges is contagious. I simply love to contribute to the process of an idea becoming a success in the future.” Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, consultancy is often the most economical solution and CMS certainly goes the extra mile to help companies master any kind of challenge. Issue 55  |  October 2017  |  61