Discover Germany, Issue 55, October 2017

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Discover Germany  |  Special Theme  |  Focus: Photography in Austria



Capturing the essence of architecture and landscapes Photographer and architect Florian Schaller finds his inspiration in designed and natural landscapes, in buildings and architectural shapes. Clear lines, the contrast of different textures and surfaces, the play of light and carefully chosen perspectives draw the spectator into his pictures. What sticks out is the authenticity of his work: Florian Schaller only uses natural light and photographs places as he finds them.



“To have a common theme, an overall concept is important. Taste is very subjective, this is why sticking to a certain set of rules is the right choice.” Florian Schaller is a selftaught photographer. “I started while I was studying architecture. You learn a lot about the basics of successful presentations, how to captivate people, how to spark emotions. The basis for that is always using expressive pictures,” Florian Schaller explains. “The play of light on surfaces in classic paintings or modern art, visualisations rendered on a computer – they were all inspiring to me.” Of course, as a student he did not have the money to buy expensive equipment or attend courses, but what he could not afford he compensated with passion, resourcefulness and his fascination for how places can be framed through the camera lens: Picking the right spot, focusing on details, catching the light and the uniqueness of

each landscape or building – something he still does today. “I bought cheap and old second-hand equipment that worked with my digital camera, and simply started experimenting. In the end, I think this has helped me a lot, not relying on technology but my own eyes.” Black and white photography from the 1950s to the 1970s was and is a great source of inspiration for Schaller, but also famous photographers like Ansel Adams and his landscape photography. Considering his background, it comes as no surprise that Florian Schaller’s main focus lies on architecture and landscape photography.“Because I am an architect, I know what to look out for and that is something my clients appreciate.” Schaller does commissioned work but also has his artistic side projects that he exhibits.

.old man.

.white walk.

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