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Rolling out the red carpet for the guests - the hosts at the Museum für Kommunikation are your warrant for a truly personal experience.

Many versatile interactive displays are one of the trademarks of the Museum für Kommunikation in Bern.

The new Museum für Kommunikation - be prepared for an extraordinary, multi-levelled adventure.

A history of communication After a one-year period of refurbishment, the Bernese Museum für Kommunikation (Museum for Communication) has only recently reopened its gates to its visitors. They can expect a cornucopia of exciting surprises. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  © MUSEUM FÜR KOMMUNIKATION, PHOTOS: BEAT SCHWEIZER

Since its grand and exceptionally well received reopening on 19 August 2017, the Museum für Kommunikation has once again become an attractive magnet for those who want to engage in an active discourse with culture and communication alike. With its brand new displays and a revised and innovative programme, the museum is now offering a wide, sophisticated and above all trilingual choice of attractions. “Communication is one of the biggest, most exciting and yet controversial topics of our times. With the refurbishment of our museum we are intent to meet the challenges to introduce this constantly changing topic in an equally lively manner. In its newfound form, the Museum für Kommunikation is a very personal experience that communicates at eye level with its visitors. Our new concept has been a very deliberate decision as

we wanted to give our museum a more approachable touch - one that said ’let’s interact and learn from another’ rather than ’we teach you what we deem right’,” enthuses Nico Gurtner, head of marketing and communication at the Museum für Kommunikation, about the museum’s innovative attitude. The results of the museum’s reorientation and rework of displays and programmes are something to be proud of indeed. “Our visitors will be pleased to hear that they are able to interactively engage with the topic. Film karaoke or multi-tasking games challenge them to actively engage with a variety of facets of communication,” says Gurtner, describing one of the museum’s attractions.

all over our museum. As especially trained experts, they are happy to answer any question, provide interested parties with additional information or proactively enter into a dialogue with our guests – a truly singular approach in the museum landscape of Switzerland,” says Gurtner, proudly elucidating this exciting model. Thanks to its laid-back approach, the Museum für Kommunikation easily manages to impart knowledge in a compliant and entertaining manner, therefore making it a perfect place for families and experts alike. Be sure to visit the museum and delve into the exciting world of communication. The Ratatösk tour - a special tour for children between the ages four and eight.

A novelty are the museum’s hosts, who make a visit to the Museum für Kommunikation a truly personal and unique experience. “Our hosts are placed Issue 55  |  October 2017  |  33