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The best sleep for newborn babies Is your baby a little brawler who does not want to sleep? The solution to this problem is CosyMe, a sleeping bag with useful additional functions. “CosyMe is a must-have item and should be part of every baby’s basic equipment,” says Andrea Henschel, inventor of CosyMe. She remembers how she developed CosyMe: “My first son was a little bawler and we as parents did not have a moment’s peace. After many sleepless nights, I decided to talk to doctors, midwives and other young parents, to find out how I could make the nights more comfortable for me and my son. Together with a team of experts, I finally developed CosyMe.” CosyMe is much more than a sleeping bag. It also makes possible the swaddling, a technique of wrapping. The goal of swaddling is to hinder newborns from moving too much, so they are calmer at night and sleep better. With CosyMe, parents can decide what their baby needs for a better sleep. CosyMe is also highly regarded in science. Professor Dr. Thomas Erler, a

renowned scientist in the field of sleep research, conducted a clinical study with CosyMe and determined that babies experienced a significantly better sleep in the CosyMe than with normal sleeping bags.“I am very proud of this result,”says Henschel. Also, celebrities like the German actor Birte Glang (presented in the September issue of this magazine) swear by the extraordinary sleeping bag. Besides, CosyMe can easily be taken on trips.“For instance, some customers told us that CosyMe fits perfectly into baby seats on planes,” Henschel reports. CosyMe is solely produced in Europe. Henschel explains: “My aspiration is the highest quality for a moderate price. We are paying fair prices. Our production is very employee-friendly, there is no child labour, no bad treatment. Everyone at CosyMe should feel well, not only the babies sleeping in CosyMe. This is highly important to


me!” There is more to come in the future, but Henschel does not want to reveal too much. Suffice it to say, the welfare of the smallest and their parents will always be closest to Henschel’s heart. Instagram: #cosyme_babysleepingbag Left: CosyMe.  Photo: © Thomas Schultze Bottome left: Andrea Henschel. Photo: © Lutz Hufeld. Bottom right: Photo: © Antje Egbert

Illuminating a trail through dark gardens, parks and nightly landscapes


How about walking along a path during the night as if treading on starlight? With Lumipro Deluxe, the German company EverGlow has developed an innovative, ecosustainable concept, which combines glass pebbles with natural luminescence – beautiful and functional. The effect lasts for hours without recharging through light exposure. “Lumipro Deluxe stores light energy during the day and emits it in darkness,” says EverGlow managing director Markus Thrun. “The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will last for decades.” Shimmering for instance bluish and green, the small lights integrate perfectly in shaped landscapes, enhancing existing designs – no matter if a hotel garden, a swimming pool or a park. Delicate as the lights are, they create a strong visual emotion without being glaringly bright and disturbing. With 14 different pastel shades, Lumipro Deluxe blends into very different surroundings. The lights can also be embedded into a transparent resin to keep them in place.

“Long photoluminescent products until now have been known mainly from a safety-related application. But the diverse luminescent materials and production technologies today open up completely new opportunities in the consumer

sector,” says Markus Thrun. “I think with Lumipro Deluxe we again have fulfilled our own aspirations and provide architects and designers with a great new product series that offers a myriad of possibilities in design.” EverGlow, situated near Karlsruhe, has great experience in developing photoluminescent safety products and design elements for international business partners.

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