Discover Germany, Issue 54, September 2017

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Seidenstrasse family home. Photo: © Michael Haug

Winterthur General Post Office. Photo: © Michael Haug

Seidenstrasse family home, Winterthur. Photo: © Rita Peter

ed to the new structure. To be finished in 2019, the building’s distinctive shed roofs allow natural lighting of the upper levels for all classrooms and access areas. “At the moment, our strategy works well for us,” says Dario Oechsli. “We have exciting projects to look forward to which will soon enter their realisation phase.” Cross-inspiring projects, a harmonious yet versatile team and half a century worth of expertise: for Stutz Bolt Partner architects, time and context work out perfectly, both in their designs and for their enterprise.

Winterthur General Post Office. Photo: © Michael Haug

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