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The Winterthur Station Square. Photo: © Michael Haug

The Winterthur Station Square. Photo: © Michael Haug

96  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

a minimum of the original substance. The new design allows a full, uninterrupted spatial experience of the interior and profits from the view of an adjacent garden. A new radial set of spaces encircles a multi-storey air well: the counter area for the post office which resides in the new building extension. The rhythm of the casement windows structures the new bronze façade of the extension, while relating to the tuff stone exterior of the old building.

a recess in the street-facing façade, the dominating entry and stairwell with its large windows forms a quotation of the surrounding villas. The bark-like, two coloured plaster creates a depth of the shell that subtly integrates the new building into both the surrounding tree population and villas. Four apartments are organised around a central entry area, offering exciting spatial relations through varying height levels and freestanding fireplaces.

Modern living quality, set in venerable surroundings

Lighting up the post-war era – Schaffhausen school building

A direct commission, the multi-family home set in Winterthur’s exclusive Seidenstraße is surrounded by listed, historical buildings and gardens. Step by step and in co-working with the local preservation authorities, a project was realised that meets high urban planning requirements as well as offering an attractive living quality. Vertically emphasised through

The Schaffhausen school premises date back to the ‘50s and the new building structures the exteriors into spaces of differentiated qualities. The low, calm volume and the pattern of parallel roofs form a continuum of the surrounding public buildings. Straying from the original competition parameters, a canopied recreation hall was preserved and will be connect-