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realisation. After working at various Swiss offices, Juho Nyberg founded his own Zurich practice in 2008. Having grown into a team of four, the office is meanwhile supported by a well-connected network of specialists, such as for lighting concepts or textile-related tasks. Exchanging ideas and designs within the team forms an important contribution to each project at the Juho Nyberg office. “Sometimes,” says the architect, “another person’s vision is stronger and more convincing than your own.” With their individual adjustment project in a 3.5 room apartment on the 20th floor of the Zurich new ‘Hard Turm Park’ tower, displaying a stunning view across the city all the way to the Alps, the Juho Nyberg team show their knack for personalised interiors. An open kitchen, integrated into the living space, marks the centre of social interaction. While friendly, warm colours complement the dark walnut parquet of the floor, the cooking island features orange hues, illuminated by artfully assembled, vertical rod lamps. Cosy white couches with colourful Zurich apartment conversion – dining area. Photo: Tobias Stahel

Villa refurbishment project – central staircase detail. Photo: Markus Roth

cushions accentuate the line of windows, displaying expansive views. Regarding the conversion of old buildings, both the existing structure as well as the inhabitants tell their own story. “To continue with that story is a commitment and to retrieve and interpret these stories and make that visible is the essence of our architecture,” Nyberg states. For a modernisation project of a 100-year-old house in Zurich, a generously laid out downstairs living area impresses with carefully restored oak parquet floors. White, leatherclad doors with oval glass inserts feature LED lighting bands, thus functioning as an indirect lighting source. The library is situated behind the fireplace, with the cosy fire visible from both sides. The major part of the client list at Juho Nyberg are private builders, looking to realise their idea for a personal home. The co-work is intensive and, as the architect states, “you get to know each other quite well, also on a personal level”. Design and realisation form an emotional pro-

cess which allows adjustments according to the various developments becoming perceptible. A prize-winning visualisation for a two-family house displays how a sloping plot can be utilised in providing a maximum in private sphere. The stacked living units face away from each other on different height levels, while each apartment features its own garden space. Juho Nyberg is happy with the current order situation and the prospect of exciting projects. A current large-scale building project for a family PLC, with the realisation of 20 apartments, brings a building partnership both personal and somewhat pragmatic, as it does not equal the creation of a private home. For the future, the architect hopes for a balanced combination of personal and semi-personal building tasks:“A mixture of private and investment property projects would be just the perfect mix.”

Mood inspiration, preceding the new structure.

Double family home (2nd prize), visualisation.

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