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With a great deal of passion, dedication and a drive for excellency, d.signwerk has established itself firmly in the top ranks of communication and design and it should come as no surprise that the agency has received various awards over the years. From the ADC (Art Directors Club Germany) to the Austrian State Awards and architectural prizes, the work by d.signwerk and their clients has been continuously recognised for its quality.

From top: With unparalleled design, from branding to packaging and the flagship store, the oil mill Fandler reached cult status. Exciting stories about anything you can eat - and which would probably never be published anywhere else. Through emotional brand building d.signwerk supports companies from the first idea to the ‘go live’ and the ongoing campaigning. Vitality instead of eco-fundamentalism: With the vibrant world of the organic pioneer Sonnentor, d.signwerk revolutionised the entire field sustainably. Don’t you ever call it meant loaf: Neuburger convinces on all levels. That is also shown in its unique aesthetic of the entire brand identity.

“However, the greatest reward, and also the most valuable one, is the longstanding collaboration with our clients. Some of them even began prior to the founding of d.signwerk. Our client’s trust makes this exceptional kind of work possible,” says Schmid. With so much creativity under one roof, it almost goes without saying that there are many more projects in the pipeline at d.signwerk and a great deal of new avenues to be explored. One of them is the Asian market. The agency aspires to open a new line of business with design conscious companies in Asia, which look for a suitable partner who supports and accompanies them during their European market launch. There could not be a better company to provide this kind of guidance than d.signwerk. Last year, d.signwerk also founded its own publishing arm called PAPER AFFAIRS Publishers. They already published a magazine titled ALL YOU CAN EAT, which explores exactly that. Next year the creative team wants to publish a new kind of travel guide and plans to publish books as well. With their outstanding amount of inspiration, know-how and enthusiasm, there is no doubt that d.signwerk will not rest before it fully achieves their goals. The d.signwerk team is buzzing with creativity and passion for their craft. It is crystal clear that they enjoy their work and hence give everything to get projects done to perfection. If you are looking for a strong partner who understands the art of emotional branding and storytelling, look no further. You have finally found your match. Issue 54  |  September 2017  |  81