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Dedicated to Design… The middle of September marks the beginning of a much-anticipated event in Germany: the Oktoberfest! For just over two weeks, everything will be about beer, oompah music, dirndl, lederhosen and pretzels. That is why this month’s Dedicated to Design also simply had to be about the Oktoberfest. BY: NANE STEINHOFF


1. The Oktoberfest tents are filled with massive wood tables and benches, but what about our homes? This great table and the round chopping board by ANTON DOLL HOLZMANUFAKTUR are sure to be true eyecatchers. Chopping board £34. 2. This rustic beer stein will come in handy for any beer lover. The fact that it is personalised makes it a great gift. £14. 3. This Alps-inspired cushion by Nullsieben-Design in the shape of a mountain range is made of 100 per cent wool and will be a special highlight on every couch. £33. 4. What is a much-needed staple for the Oktoberfest weeks? A bottle opener, of course! This stylish one from PHILIPPI will be a great little helper. £14. 5. This cute mobile phone cover, in lederhosen design, is a great gadget and fun gift for friends and family alike. £26.


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