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rely on your physical abilities, Scubajet is you ideal companion,”Hanneman explains. This way, you can always be sure that you safely reach dry land, even if there is a sudden change in the weather. Safety is very important to the Scubajet company, anyway. Even children are able to handle the innovative propulsion because it features impeller technology instead of usual rotating propellers. Therefore, you do not require any technical knowledge to use this tool. In no time you can attach the respective adapters to your sports equipment, for example to a dinghy or a boat. “Due to its flexibility, Scubajet is also suitable for professional rescue missions or for diving in groups,” says Hanneman. According to her, big international research facilities as well as companies from the film industry ask for the water jet propulsion. How the success story began Apparently, the young company hit a nerve when developing this water jet propulsion: “In the summer of 2016, we started a very successful crowdfunding campaign, where we reached our funding goal within just four days,” Hanneman states. “In the end, we even managed to double our funding target. This result confirmed that our vision of Scubajet was right: It certainly has great potential on an international level.” Right after the campaign ended, the team behind Scubajet established its company while also starting to mass-produce the water jet propulsion. “Afterwards, we appeared on the Austrian start-up show 2 Minuten, 2 Millionen, where we convinced Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Michael Altrichter and start-

up300 AG to invest in us. For us, this was more proof that our product reflects the zeitgeist,” Hanneman adds. Currently, the Austrian company aims to expand. After successfully introducing Scubajet on the American and Australian market, the company wants to focus on improving and further developing their product range for the upcoming season.“In addition, we would like to start new interesting co-operations on an international

The propulsion is perfect for your next trip on board. Photo: © SCUBAJET

level,” Hanneman states. “Furthermore, we are going to highly invest in our marketing. Our aim is nothing less than revolutionising and newly defining the possibilities of water sports.” While Scubajet is available in the company’s online shop, it will soon be sold in selected stores in Europe, the United States and Australia as well.

In no time, Scubajet can be attached to a dinghy. Photo: © SCUBAJET

Scubajet turns every SUP into an electric SUP. Photo: © Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX

With its compact design and low weight, Scubajet fits into every rucksack. Photo: © SCUBAJET

The smallest diver propulsion vehicle in the world. Photo: © Bozidar Vukicevic / CROPIX

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