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more trust in the phenomena, innovation and further development of pioneering products get fuelled at the Cointed enterprise. Apart from crypto trading and crypto ATM operation, Cointed also work on innovative solutions for blockchain payment systems (a transparent, decentralised and safer way of combining single transactions) and operate numerous ‘Mining’ farms at Austrian hydroelectric plants, based on the ‘Mine green and save the planet’ motto. Cross-currency mining Mining describes the process of generating Bitcoins through solving complex data. This process features a high energy consumption, which is why alternative ways to generate electricity are a central part of the innovative technology connected to crypto currency payment and trading. Here, the new Cointed partner Crypto Unity comes in. Together, they offer ‘Green Mining’ – the energy needed for mining efforts being generated from pure hydropower, thus presenting sustainable solutions for future-oriented growth. Mining is currently being offered for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Monero. Charli Aho (Crypto Unity) states: “While many other providers simply buy their currency from third parties or have them calculated by foreign cloud mining companies, we want to directly influence the generating pro-

cess. That is why generating sustainable energy from Austrian hydropower is of a particular concern for us.” Growing customer interest(s) Cointed customers cannot be pigeonholed - their list of customers shows a great variety from banker to software developer, from large-scale investor to housewife/stay-at-home dad. In fact, crypto currency is fascinating for anyone who takes a closer look and Cointed consistently strive to make the access easier yet safer for everyone, always with the aim to increase their customers’ capital. 500 especially designed two-way ATMs will be delivered until end of this year,

and a whopping 14,000 Cryptounity RX 180 - 180 MH/S and Cryptounity RX 250 - 240 MH/S- Miners are currently in production for future use at a Sweden-based Cointed Mining farm. In the future, Cointed plan to further expand and increase their revenue. For this reason, the ever-growing enterprise is constantly looking for new partners and locations for their crypto ATMs, for example at airports or train stations ( Become a member of the pioneering crowd and join the Cointed world at the following website.

Teamwork: Wolfgang Thaler, Christopher Rieder and Robert Velik (from left to right).

Wolfgang Thaler, co-founder and CEO. Photo: © Brosenbauer, Kufstein

‘One-Way-ATM’ maintenance (Chr. Gründler).

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