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Today, the Group also supplies products for the medical sector as well as IT services, both for inhouse operations and as a service provider. Responsibility for society Freudenberg can look back on a long tradition of social engagement. To strengthen its corporate citizenship activities, the Group launched the e² international initiative in 2015 that aims to provide access to both education and work as well as encouraging environmental protection. Based on a catalogue of specific criteria, the e² programme supports existing initiatives with a total of 12 million euros in funds made available over a span of six years. Most recently, in response to current political and demographic changes, a model refugee initiative was started. For the past Product innovation.

year, an extended internship programme has enabled young refugees to discover potential future professions. As of September, a first group of selected candidates will start their training under the German dual education system. Once this programme shows positive results, it will be introduced at other German sites as well. Innovating Together Since the company was founded, Freudenberg has expanded its international presence in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. With 500 sites worldwide, Freudenberg acts as a decentralised company of entrepreneurs, organised in Business Groups that are responsible for their own operations. ‘Innovating Together’ is the company slogan of the global player, with a mission of constantly

expanding both product innovation and business activity. The Freudenberg Supervisory Board includes members of the Freudenberg family, while the Board of Management, responsible for strategic leadership, consists of three general partners. Entrepreneurial responsibility plays a key role at the company and the concept works well throughout the Freudenberg network of enterprises. As a UN Global Compact signatory with a policy of shared business responsibility and fruitful interaction between its Group members worldwide, Freudenberg sets an example for responsible global action in today’s international business landscape.

Freudenberg Medical – development partner for bariatric methods.

Worldwide partnerships.

Nonwovens development and production.

Innovating together.

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