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Enabling Your Digital Digital Business Business SEVEN PRINCIPLES PRINCIPLES AG AG (7P) (7P) provides provides innovative innovative IT services related related to to the the digitization digitization of of business business models. As a partner partner for for large large customers customers and and medium-sized companies, companies, 7P 7P focuses focuses on on the the telecommunication, telecommunication, automotive automotive and and energy energy as as well as travel, travel, transport transport and and logistics logistics sectors. sectors. Our vision is is aa sophisticated sophisticated mobility mobility strategy that that makes makes you you more more successful successful and competitive. competitive. We We work work on on itit day day by by day. day. SEVEN SEVEN PRINCIPLES PRINCIPLESAG AG Erna-Scheffler-StraĂ&#x;e Erna-Scheffler-StraĂ&#x;e 1a 1a II51103 51103Cologne Cologne Phone: Phone: +49 +49 221 221 92007-0 92007-0 II E-Mail: