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Top left: Exhibition space in the new premises in the Pema2 tower.

Young talents wanted

Left: Me, my Selfie and I – Why? by Micha Wille. Photo: © Stadt Innsbruck Right: The Pema2 tower – exterior view of the new premises. Bottom: «Oh! le beau point de vue!»* exhibition of works by Simona Obholzer. Photo: Simona Obholzer, © Bildrecht Wien, 2017

Young and aspiring artists may sometimes find it difficult to introduce themselves and their works to a wider audience. Galerie im Andechshof in Innsbruck provides the stage for their first steps in the limelight. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  |  PHOTOS: LAAC

What started as a small platform for young Tyrolean artists in 1991 has become a fixed constant that helps budding artists to liaise with a wider audience, prepare for more comprehensive, possibly award-winning performances and, last but not least, to forge valuable bonds with the Tyrolean artistic scene. “Galerie im Andechshof is particularly looking to promote artists at the beginning of their career and to act as a stepping stone for their future success. In that, our concept is singular as it is the only gallery in Innsbruck and even Tyrol that actively supports and promotes upcoming new artists. We are very proud that the stage we provide for our artists in the past has become a foundation for award-wining performances by, for example, Micha Wille, whose work I´m so afraid of a PAUSE: applause, applause was bought by the state

of Tyrol within the context of the prestigious Austrian Graphic Award,” elucidates Natalie Pedevilla, head of the Galerie im Andechshof. The works exhibited in Galerie im Andechshof fascinate an audience curious of the art of tomorrow. “None of the young artists exhibited in our gallery are established on the market - they very often are still in search for their own distinct manner of expression. This kind of ‘unfinished’, raw attitude makes our exhibitions so special,” Pedevilla further explains the gallery’s concept.

even closer cross-institutional bonds with other cultural organisations - which, ultimately, will permit us to present a much wider, more comprehensive cultural programme than we are able to offer now,” Pedevilla is pleased to announce. Before the move, however, the Galerie im Andechshof has a couple of exciting surprises in store: At the beginning of November, the gallery will be part of the great annual art event ‘Premierentage’ (Days of Premiers) in Innsbruck; the last event on the old premises is going to be an exhibition of the art acquisitions of the city of Innsbruck in 2017 - a promising programme that you should make sure to see.

2018 is going to be special for this innovative hotspot of modern, contemporary art. “Next year we, together with the public library from Innsbruck, are going to move to a new and joint address,” says Pedevilla. “This new location will enable us to forge Issue 54  |  September 2017  |  31