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The ‘Belmaro Reto Low’.

The ‘Belmaro Reto High’ in walnut.

The ‘Scaena Protekt’.

Smart designs and timeless style German furniture company Roterring can look back at over eight decades of experience and family tradition. They have specialised on TV/media furniture and hi-fi racks, and successfully merge functionality with clean designs. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: MARIO BRAND WERBEFOTOGRAFIE

It all started with a small carpentry in 1932. Little did Gerhard Roterring know that his workshop would turn into a top furniture house one day. Over the years Roterring’s sons and later grandsons joined the family business, which kept on growing. The transition from a carpentry to a furniture manufactory happened gradually as spokesperson Thomas Kemper explains: “During 80 years and with three generations involved, the company gained a lot of knowledge and developed its technical skills in regards to various different areas such as shop-fitting, loudspeaker cabinets and consumer electronics. Hence we are able to see the big picture.” At the heart of each design stands its purpose. A hi-fi rack must take sound quality into account, while a TV unit needs to accommodate various components and cables. “Our TV units can house entire AV systems without it being visible, yet it remains very easy to use,” Kemper adds.

Quality and longevity combined with a clean design can be seen as the foundation for all pieces at Roterring. Roterring just added two exciting additions to their range. The living room furniture ‘Scaena Protekt’ can host AV systems, game consoles or sound bars. It features straightforward cabling as well as great usability and ventilation of the media component. The series ‘Belmaro Reto’ is ideal for fans of ‘50s and ‘60s designs. Kemper says: “We brought the beloved old design into the future. The ‘Belmaro Reto’ series features individual furniture pieces which stand alone and customers can decide which electronics they want to store in it.” These items, which are available with short or long legs, are statement furniture pieces that transform a living room into a design-conscious space. With their comprehensive know-how and hands-on ap-

proach, the team at Roterring also designs custom-made furniture. “What makes us proud is how well perceived our ideas and thoughts, which are implemented in our furniture, are. We would even go so far and say that our furniture makes our customers happy,” Kemper smiles. “Often customers have been looking for a long time before they find their ideal piece, which fits their media equipment perfectly, in our store.”

The ‘Scaena Protekt’.

The ‘Belmaro Reto High’ in walnut, including ‘Nubert AS-250’.

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