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S25 modular shelving system in black/ash.

S25 modular shelving system in ash.

Modular furniture systems inspired by architecture and spatial design Berlin-based multidisciplinary architecture and design firm Studio F/F creates sophisticated furniture and accessories that are highly versatile and expandable. The company follows a holistic design approach that initially started with their architectural practice. Studio F/F is a true heaven for design aficionados in general and for those who appreciate intelligent designs. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: STUDIO F/F

Studio F/F is part of the architecture firm Fabian von Ferrari founded in 2011. What initially started with creating spatial identities has now turned into a holistic, interdisciplinary venture into product design. Their creations are widely acclaimed and certainly prove that Studio F/F is on the right track with their specialised furniture series. All furniture pieces showcase a strong sculptural presence and clarity emphasised further through the use of high-quality natural materials and structural details. Another important aspect for all of Studio F/F’s designs is versatility. The construction is based on perfect joints and mechanisms, minimising the use of any screws. For instance, the shelving system ‘S25’ is assembled by interlocking singular modules to form a larger unit. Within the construction, modules can easily be shifted, rearranged or

extended by additional ones to suit personal taste or spatial requirements. “Proportions play a major part in the design process to ensure that every product keeps its harmonic style regardless of how customers arranged it,” says Von Ferrari. This focus on proportion and construction MNA modular candleholder.

stems from the company’s architectural work resulting in a very unique look. The shelving unit ‘Dovetail’ has already received the prestigious iF Design Award. Studio F/F is driven by genuine curiosity. Their products are expressions of their users’ personalities and strive for beauty merged with timeless functionality. You can find the entire range online, where you can also choose between different finishes and material options and customise your finished product using the state-ofthe-art configurator. Merlin table in black steel/glass.

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