Discover Germany, Issue 49, April 2017

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Discover Germany  |  Special Theme  |  HANNOVER MESSE 2017

Custom-built 3D printers made in Germany 3D printers are about to become de rigueur in the modern industrial world and 3D prototypes may be crucial in taking economic and processual decisions. Multiphoton Optics is an important player in the production of these highprecision printers. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: MULTIPHOTON OPTICS GMBH

The first 3D printers were introduced to the public in 1986. Now, in 2017, high-profile 3D printing cannot be imagined without high-tech start-up Multiphoton Optics, a company that has specialised in the engineering of custom-built high-precision 3D printers. “It has been an impressive and speedy journey from our very first research projects to arrive at where we are today,” recounts Dr. Ruth Houbertz, multiple award-winning physicist, co-founder and CEO of Germany-based Multiphoton Optics. The speediness of Multiphoton Optics’ journey and the company’s success is entirely justified as the proficiency of Multiphoton Optics’ printers goes to prove. “Our customers, who are mainly 86  |  Issue 49  |  April 2017

active in the business fields of photonics, biomedicine and life sciences, value and rely on the precise work of our printing equipment. They also find that there are practically no limits to the material our printers are able to process, and our printers work in an additive as well as in a subtractive fabrication mode. Moreover, we have devised the matching software LithoSoft3D® as a stand-alone solution that thus has the essential benefit of being compatible with any Aerotech GCode or ISO GCode compatible manufacturing machines,” says Dr. Houbertz, summarising just some of the advantages of Multiphoton Optics’ printers and software. 3D printers by Multiphoton Optics are an irremissible partner in the develop-

ment of new product designs in order to test, for example novel designs for illumination, camera or endoscope optics. Not only are the printers very fast and can thus provide the user with a prototype in practically no time at all, the use of these printers is also very cost efficient, which makes the printers favourable to use. “We want to convince our customers of our products, and have thus initiated various projects to introduce our printers and their benefits,” Dr. Houbertz invites interested parties. This year will see a couple of innovations for Multiphoton Optics. They comprise the universally deployable printing platform LithoProf3D with its software packages and an ultrafast fabrication of aspheric or freefrom microoptics. Take a peek at these and many more innovations at Multiphoton Optics’ booth at the HANNOVER MESSE (hall 6, booth C30.2).