Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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Moss pictures.

The green revolution in interior design The styleGREEN pieces of art promise to catch everyone’s attention: Handcrafted with ferns, eucalyptus, mosses and other real preserved plants, the green pictures and walls created by the company FlowerArt are not only beautiful and modern eye-catchers, they also absorb noise. TEXT: NADINE CARSTENS  |  PHOTOS: FLOWERART GMBH

A walk in a forest or a park can boost your mood and be good for your health. But as more and more people move to cities, they may not have the chance to spend time in nature. Those who are seeking such an experience should get to know the company FlowerArt. With its brand styleGREEN, FlowerArt brings landscapes to your home or your office in the form of fancy decorations for walls that promise to create a relaxing atmosphere. For more than three years the company has been offering trendy pictures and walls with mosses, ferns and other real preserved plants, which are not only a modern eye-catcher, but also an 80  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

effective method to absorb noise. Made by hand at a manufactory in Munich, the FlowerArt production team exclusively uses real, natural preserved plants to create these unique pieces of green art. When plants are preserved in a natural process, they do not require any water or light. “The best way to tend our products is to do nothing besides avoiding direct sunlight and too much air moisture. Then you can enjoy our plant pictures and walls for years,” says Niklas Guggenberger who created styleGREEN together with Lukas Dinger. The two of them have known

each other since childhood and took over FlowerArt in 2014. With this decision, they fulfilled their long-time dream of leading their own company.“Back then, there were already many similar solutions with real plants for walls, but they usually required a lot of tending,”Guggenberger states.“Nevertheless, people generally do not want to have artificial plants, either. Therefore, we decided to establish styleGREEN and to create green pictures and entire walls based on real plants and mosses which require no tending, because they are preserved with glycerine and food colouring.” A positive impact on every room Like other natural products, styleGREEN pictures might gradually lose some of their colour intensity. But, as Guggenberger explains, the company offers a method to naturally restore the plants’ green colour. “Of course, our products cannot replace