Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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Winter hiking on the frozen lake Silvaplana in the sunset; in the background, Piz da la Margna (3,159 metres). Photo: © ENGADIN St. Moritz, / Romano Salis

Switzerland. Away from the hubbub of the ski pistes, the scenic toboggan runs weave through pine forests and take a far less-trodden route back down to their respective towns. Curling Not just the preserve of the Scottish, try your hand at skimming large pieces of granite across the ice to get closest to the jack. Do not forget that one shoe needs to be studded and if you are a dab hand at sweeping kitchen floors then you will perhaps have the skills necessary to excel at the intricacies of this unique sport.

call in Switzerland have winter hiking trails specifically for providing a risk-free setting for apprehensive beginners. Many destinations also offer guided tours and hikes by moonlight. But the great thing about snowshoes is that you are not confined to designated trails. For those with the appetite for exploration, these are the ideal alternative to skis for traversing deep snow.

Cresta Run Take part in a piece of history with this natural skeleton toboggan run in St Moritz. Hand built each year, this has been an integral part of this iconic city’s winter sports scene since 1884. A precursor to skiing, this sport sees you reaching speeds that are just as hair-raising. So why not find out why the British aristocracy are so renowned for the development of this particular winter sport in Switzerland? Snowshoeing A great way to stay fit and get out into nature for the non-skier. The major ports of 46  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

The Cresta Run. Photo: © Engadin St Moritz

ENGADIN St. Moritz. Photo: © swiss-image. ch / Gian Andri Giovanoli