Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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The ‘Carving Lipso’ pattern. Photo: ©

Walking on art The beauty and merits of natural wood mafi floors make the difference when it comes to effective usage of homegrown wood resources and a refined, sustainable production process, marked by innovative and boundary-breaching design. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI

Laminate, parquet, lacquered or oiled? Solid wood plank, wide plank, Oxi oil or wax? Most people love wooden floors, but often find themselves overwhelmed by the terms and formulations preceding the pleasure to finally place their feet on them at home. CEO Friedrich Fillafer explains what makes a good plank, optimal surface treatment and, last not least, the importance of origin: “We strive to work in unison with nature. For our production process, we use domestic woods and natural oil finishes only. That way, ecological, nat32  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

ural wood floors are created, available in a multitude of hues, structures and finishes. The unifying aspect of all floor types is the sustainable production process. We stand responsible for the entire value-adding process, from log to plank.” Unlike many other suppliers or chains, the company only uses woods stemming exclusively from Central Europe, using it for a resource-saving production process, tailor made for each single client. Nature forms the base and production is done with more

skilled human power than machines, all within a production span of four days. Here are a few basic mafi facts: the natural oil surface, dried in the open air, ‘breathes’ and protects at the same time. It is even effective for long-term, high usage in hotels and restaurants. As opposed to lacquered or sealed surfaces, it can be restored locally with the help of a special soap and oil. The floors therefore do not need to be stripped, thus guaranteeing a long life as the material is not reduced in thickness. This is also a huge advantage for the use of wooden floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Because there is no lacquer layer, the wood contains its natural look and beauty and withstands stains and spots through applying a simple warm water and wood soap procedure.