Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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Firing up your imagination Combining ingenious aesthetics with refined technical know-how, the Austrian Reitinger company find just the right angle for your personalised heat source.

elements of wood and fire, producing the effect of a close connection to nature, even inside your own home.


Quality, functionality and individuality are the three pillars that form their philosophy, resulting in creating innovative products at the highest technical level. Reitinger stoves support an individual living style close to nature and the elements. For managing director Reinhold Reitinger, “living spaces are open spaces, shaped by creativity”. Their made-to-measure solutions therefore take their clients’ creativity to heart and help forming the stage for a new life. From stove to heating system, from outdoor fireplace to grill, from central heating to pizza oven, each installation is carried out to match or create the desired spirit for the future surroundings. 30  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

The Bauhaus principle of “form follows function” is being applied with an utmost sensibility for aesthetics and the respective environment. With stone, glass and steel as the main elements, the stoves become sculptures and an aesthetic asset for any living space. Simple shapes, stripped down to the essential, meet highly effective materials, unobtrusively opening up space around every object to project the natural beauty of the warmly flickering flames. With the fire visible from up to three sides through fireproof glass panes, the wood stove automatically becomes an eye catcher, both in private homes and restaurants. The feeling of comfortable warmth is enhanced by the visible vicinity of the natural

In close collaboration with their clients, Reitinger strive to imply a fresh attitude towards life by creating a new living surrounding. They provide the structure and base for living areas that inspire and comfort at the same time. As designer and philanthropist, Reinhold Reitinger says: “We will provide the framework for a new life.” Offering complete solutions while leaving much space for inspiration, no concept is like another and far from any standardised production process. Reitinger look at an oven as a holistic heating concept with the plus of adding natural elegance to the surroundings. This goes for restaurants and hotel lobbies as well as your own living room. Beautiful