Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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CEO Rainer Seiz demonstrates the advantages of their textile gloves compared to leather gloves.

Gloves for real-life heroes Many of us have never thought about the technology behind highly specialised technical gloves. We take for granted that technical gloves simply do their job, be it for the fire brigade, in industrial environments, at airports or just during a skiing trip. Listening to Rainer Seiz, son of glove factory founder, Friedrich Seiz, opens the door to a fascinating world of state-of-the-art glove development.

apparent that the Seiz family know what they are doing and are passionate about their craft: “It is part of our company philosophy to take on any challenge. We can design the perfect glove for any hand and requirements.”


Since opening its doors in 1961, the prestigious glove factory Seiz is a traditional German family business that is currently being run by its second generation. The passion for developing perfect tactical gloves and continuously improving their features in line with modern technology, has been passed down from generation to generation.

that are highly functional and each serve a specific purpose. Their glove factory has established itself firmly as an international forerunner for specialised gloves and even the firemen of London rely on the outstanding products made by Seiz. Emergency services, rescue services and industrial companies across the globe are regular customers.

The Seiz family has made it their personal mission to invent and improve gloves

Talking to the founder’s son and managing director, Rainer Seiz, it becomes instantly

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The custom-made assembly gloves for Lufthansa are a recent example of Seiz’s dedication to their customers’ individual wishes. The white and grey gloves are used for maintenance work and are an exclusive design for the well-known airline. Another frequent customer is Frankfurt airport. Their chosen gloves are typical all-rounders called Blue Mamba and Winter Grip, and can be found on the Seiz website. Recommended wear, for example when loading suitcases or refuelling the aircraft,