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The advantages of buying glasses online When one thinks about buying glasses, an appointment at the optician seems inevitable. The German company Mister Spex, based in Berlin, offers an alternative option: purchasing glasses online, from the comfort of one’s home. Nicola Kahle, optician and Mister Spex expert, talks about the biggest advantages.

Nicola Kahle, optician and Mister Spex expert, knows the advantages of buying glasses online.


“The wide selection of immediately available products and the price transparency are advantages at the online optician: Mister Spex offers more than 4,000 eyewear models from over 70 brands. Our portfolio ranges from popular bestsellers and inexpensive models to exclusive designer glasses. Furthermore, the prices are clearly shown so that each customer knows exactly what price to expect,” Kahle explains. What should customers watch out for when buying glasses online? Kahle says: “Independent information about the quality of online opticians can especially be found through customer ratings on large platforms like Trusted Shops. Here, Mister Spex gets praised for its high quality, the quick delivery or the holistic con-

sultation through its customer service. Clients should further pay attention to possible shipping costs so that they don’t have to pay for returning products. Additionally, Mister Spex offers a 30-day right of return – even for glasses and sunglasses with individual prescriptions.” How does it work exactly? “Thanks to product filters and face shape selection, everyone can find their suitable model at Mister Spex. For one’s first trial fitting, we offer two possibilities: the photo or the virtual fitting. As soon as one’s favourite glasses are chosen, up to four models get sent to one’s home where customers can check if they properly fit,”Kahle concludes.

Mister Spex sends four, non-binding models to each customer for trial fitting.

Mister Spex’s clients benefit from comprehensive consultation and quick delivery.


Support your body when it is most vulnerable curetin® is a new nutrient supplement that helps the body to efficiently heal wounds faster. It is recommended for patients after operations, with acute tissue damage, or for those suffering from chronic wounds.

Giving our bodies extra support when they most need it is certainly a good idea, and curetin® offers a medically approved solution.


www.curetin.de The company Curetics is a spin-off of the faculty for nutritional medicine at the Technical University of Munich. curetin® was developed in the university environment and has been made available to the market in 2016. It contains carefully selected micro and macronutrients to ensure a comprehensive nutrient supply that helps the body to repair its tissue after operations. Curetic’s director Simon Krämer explains: “Our bodies need specific nutrients to promote the complex biochemical processes necessary to heal wounds. curetin® contains exactly those nutrients that support and speed up the healing process. This has been backed by over 50 randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled 76  |  Issue 46  |  January 2017

clinical trials designed to investigate the positive effects of the nutrients contained in curetin®.” curetin® is frequently used after orthopaedic and plastic aesthetic surgery but is generally helpful after any operation. It can also be taken before the operations to prepare the body for the upcoming healing process. “We work with doctors and have received consistently positive feedback. Surgeons reported reduced healing time and a decreased rate of wound healing complications. Patients claimed that they felt healthy much earlier than expected and can go back to their normal lives sooner,” Krämer says.

curetin® at the surgery.

curetin® four weeks box.

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Discover Germany, Issue 46, January 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 46, January 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.