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Kneer-Südfenster offers design for more sophisticated demands in windows, lift and slide doors and façade systems. Energy-efficient products for more transparency, comfort and safety stand in the focus.

Large glass panels are on trend, lift and slide doors cater for openness and light-flooded living spaces.

Quality, comfort and safety are in global demand:

Unlimited living pleasure Open, bright living with a lot of glass is on trend. Large window formats, sliding doors and glass façades cater for vision, light, open architecture and light-flooded living spaces. Kneer-Südfenster, as one of the leading German manufacturers, realises this trend according to individual wishes.

vestment – they rank among the most modern in Europe. Open for new ideas, Kneer-Südfenster thus constantly develops innovative products.


Solutions for glass architecture

Thereby, the quality ‘Made in Germany’ is in global demand: the building components are also delivered to Russia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Canada and America, as well as to neighbouring European countries.“Each of our windows is still an unicum,”explains managing director Florian Kneer,“whether for contemporary architecture, for classical restructuring or for listed buildings.”

full-range provider, the company produces high-quality building components in all materials: out of wood, wood-aluminium, aluminium, aluminium-pvc and pvc. There are top-class products in all materials that are suitable for building passive houses, such as wood and wood-aluminium windows with integrated air chambers for an optimised insulating effect.

High-quality building components

Modern windows with high-tech components

Kneer-Südfenster’s building components even achieve a high thermal insulation with large, floor-to-ceiling windows and thus save energy and heating costs. As a 104  |  Issue 45  |  December 2016

Kneer-Südfenster’s production plants in its three manufactories always feature the latest technology due to constant in-

Wood-aluminium windows with a puristic design are perfect solutions for modern glass architecture. For this end, Kneer-Südfenster offers high-quality constructions with best technical value – for example from insulation to passive house standard. A flush-mounted installation and hidden fittings emphasise the elegant look. Aluminium-wood windows, lift and slide doors and beam-and-post glazing in the innovative ART-Design cater for extensive transparency. The building components are manufactured with powder-coated aluminium cladding and straight stringboards. The slim profile unobtrusively integrates itself into the architecture and offers

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Discover Germany, Issue 45, December 2016  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 45, December 2016  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.